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Hi and congrats on finding my not-so-secret blog. I post whatever the hell I feel like which can range from an event going on in my life to my dead and fictional boifurendos.
Attention all Kohai,

When a certain person is constantly liking several of my posts, even if it’s unrelated to their blog, and they’re way younger than me it makes me wonder if I’m like their senpai or something. I just wanted to let you know that I do indeed notice you.

I had to get my haircut today so I figured I might as well try on some lipstick.

Mabel by day, Ben by night

I wanna cosplay to school on Halloween but I can’t wear my Ben Paul costume because the fake blood and dirt might get me into trouble. Then I remembered that once upon a time I cosplayed Mabel Pines which would totally be safe to wear anywhere. The shooting star fell off of the sweater so I need to reattach it and the bangs on my wig could use a trim and maybe I could try to implant her cowlick. Making a sock puppet would also be nice for a prop but I’m not sure I have the time or money for the fabric. For whatever sort of event I go to on Halloween night, I’ll wear my Ben costume. I’ll be sure to take many photos of both costumes.

Omid has four letters in his name, which is “hope” in Persian and also has four letters. He appears in four episodes of The Walking Dead.

I would pay real fucking American dollars for a Nick body pillow right now. I’m not even joking, please, I need one. Help me.

First paycheck at my new job: $232.80. Not enough for a Vita and SDR2 so I’m going to have to sell some stuff to Best Buy or Game Stop.

If you thought I was going to miss the opportunity to make a tribute to this cute little guy then your damn wrong.

Close ups of The Walking Dead table DLC for Pinball FX2.

The little ladies of The Walking Dead, also known as the princess trio.

"As long as she knows how to protect herself, it’s fine. I don’t want her to stop caring about people.

Greg Miller: [pushes kid in a wheelchair down some stairs] What do you mean I'M the asshole? I didn't know he couldn't walk, I just enjoyed watching him suffer!

GUESS WHO JUST GOT A JOB?! No clue when I start yet.

Anonymous sent: bless your good heart and soul for that 80s twau playlist. i'm so in love with twau being in the 80s but it never really comes across in the game. but your playlist goes along with it all very well!!! basically you have great taste and a great sense of humor A+

Thank you! I wasn’t alive in the 80’s, but I love the aesthetics of that decade so my opinions are merely that of an observer’s.

Click here to listen to the fanmix!

I really appreciate the fact that TWAU takes place in the 80’s so I collected a bunch of songs from that decade that remind me of the game.

The Raccoon Crew: pajama edition.

The Raccoon Crew: pajama edition.